Understanding the Real Estate Market Cycle and Uncovering Hot Emerging Markets

No study of real estate investing would be complete without a comprehensive understanding of markets and how those markets are affected by economic conditions. Only through an understanding of this critical topic can the Investor properly understand their risk exposure and implement strategic investment planning and effective risk mitigation techniques.Market CyclesThe following section will provide an overview of the four major phases of a real estate market cycle. Although each of these phases have specific characteristics that make them stand apart from one another, unfortunately, the initial transitions in and out of each phase may not be plainly obvious. The four market phases are listed below:- Sellers Market I (Expansion)
- Sellers Market II (Equilibrium)
- Buyers Market I (Decline)
- Buyers Market II (Absorption)Each phase of this cycle can present the Investor with both challenges to overcome as well as opportunities to benefit from. The well informed and action oriented Investor will know what strategies to utilize during each of the phases. The following section will provide an overview on each of the market cycles.Sellers Market I (Expansion)During a Seller’s Market phase I (also referred to as the Expansion Phase), many of the key economic indicators are telling a compelling story that includes the following:Due to the strong economic conditions, builders and developers regain their confidence that new construction now makes sense; significant increased activity is seen in the building permit application process. As construction levels begin to increase, it will also stimulate the need for primary and secondary workers.
The general population feels that times are good and discretionary spending increases; this in turn will help to stimulate the economy.Market sales price and market rents are at the highest levels due to the high demand for housing; this increase in demand absorbs the available inventory and creates sometimes fierce competition among home buyers who are bidding against each other for the same property. This bidding frenzy can result in multiple offers being presented to the sellers and in some cases, bidding up the list price.Investment StrategyThe Investors who have been holding properties coming into this phase will be benefiting from significant appreciation of their real estate holdings; this market cycle could be a great time to leverage your equity by selling at the top of the market and re-invest the proceeds in other perhaps larger properties. In order to maximize your available re-investment capital, an IRC 1031 Tax Deferrered Exchange should be considered.Warning! It is strongly recommended that you seek advice from your Accountant prior to implementing any tax reduction strategies.In a market with high demand, you should expect to pay strong sales prices; the higher demand may also set the stage for sellers to be less motivated in agreeing to creative deals like seller financing, assignments, or Lease Options.In this market, you will also see Investors who are purchasing properties just for the appreciation and are not concerned with the cash flow. For Investors who are considering this approach, it will be critical that they have adequate cash reserves available to them in the event there is an interruption of rental income resulting from vacancies. In addition, not having cash flow could make it difficult to maintain the property effectively in the event repairs or replacement is required.During the Sellers Market Phase I, there will be numerous opportunities to take advantage of the aggressive buying activity that can exist. Outstanding profits can be realized from business models like flipping and wholesaling. This market phase will allow the Investor to get the property turned over without the concerns of a dropping market price. The fact that the property is appreciating will help create a cushion for the Investor in the event the exit strategy does not happen in accordance with the schedule and cost goals established for the project. In fact, if delays do occur, it may be possible that it could relate to more profits in the Investors pockets! At the tail end of this phase, the growth rate will start to cool down.During the Sellers Market Phase I, Lenders will tend to be more lenient with their underwriting and approval ratio due to their confidence in the strength of the market. This can be a double-edge sword, as we have seen leading up to 2006, Lenders were approving loans for people who weren’t really qualified and as a result, when the market started to nose dive, it took many homeowners with it.Sellers Market II (Equilibrium)In a Seller’s Market II (also referred to as the Equilibrium Phase), many of the economic indicators are no longer exhibiting explosive growth and are heading towards national averages with regards to new construction starts, migration movement, sales price, and appreciation. Most people now recognize that the market has peaked and those who didn’t sell in the prior phase will now consider putting their property up for sale. Towards the end of this cycle, added inventory along with diminished economic incentives will reduce the demand and therefore, owners who are strongly motivated to sell will need to consider aggressive pricing strategies and open to creative deal making.Due to the difficulties with owners selling their property, many may have to consider putting the property in rental service; this increase in available supply will drive fair market rents down.Investment StrategyWithout proper consideration of the current declining market, business models like Flipping and Wholesaling can be risky; missed cost and schedule goals can have catastrophic results. For those Investors who are working on tight margins, it will be challenging to make the profits they are accustomed to.If purchasing with a Hold to Rent strategy, strong walk-in equity and cash flow is vital. The equity will allow you have a good cushion in the event there is another reset to the market. Equity stripping techniques are strongly discouraged during this cycle because if you pull out all of your available equity out before a reset, you may actually end up upside down on your equity and make it difficult for you to sell the property unless you are willing and able to reach into your pockets at closing.Buyers Market I (Decline)In the Buyers Market I (also referred to as the Decline Phase), inventory levels and days on the market are at the highest point. Due to the continuing degradation of economic conditions which includes declining employment and little new construction, the rate of foreclosures, Short Sales, and Deed in Lieu of foreclosure will continue to increase significantly and contribute to further reductions in property values that have potentially hit the bottom.The demand side of rental units could actually be strong during this time due to the following factors:
A higher percentage of homeowners are being displaced and may need to rent a home.Home buyers who are able to purchase a home may hold back in fear of not knowing when the market will bottom out.In order for a market to recover from this phase, national and/or local economic stimulus programs must be implemented to help stop the bleeding and to help to restore the confidence in the market.Investment StrategyWhen purchasing in this cycle, it will be vital to ensure strong cash flow and organic appreciation since there is no way of knowing how low the market may go. You should plan for longer hold times in order to ride out the market until it gets out of the decline phase.Wholesaling and Flipping are difficult business models due to the fears of many buyers who are not sure when it is time to pull the trigger and make a purchase; this could result in Sellers getting stuck with inventory that is not moving.During this cycle, it is a great opportunity for Investors to add to their investment portfolio; a strong buyer especially with all cash offers will reign supreme in this market and get the pick of the litter. This is also a great time to implement creative buying strategies and capitalize on the many Sellers who are strongly motivated to sell and will consider deals that may include Options, Seller Financing and other creative avenues.During this phase, traditional Lenders are extremely cautious due to the uncertainty of the market. New loan applicants will be scrutinized and on higher risk loan programs like commercial lending (5 or more units), Lenders will be cherry-picking for the best applicants on the cleanest deals. Underwriting guidelines may be adjusted increased down payment, Debt Service coverage and occupancy percentages.Buyers Market II (Absorption)In the early stages of a Buyer’s Market II (also referred to as the Absorption Phase), the economic conditions are starting to improve. Local stimulus initiatives are underway and some results can be seen. As this phase progresses, confidence starts to be restored. Although at this point there is still only little new construction, builders and developers will eventually be convinced it now makes sense to start to build again. With the economic indicators making a turn for the better, the groundwork for an Emerging Market has been established. As employers see the need for expansion, unemployment rates will start to drop for both the primary and secondary workforce. With the improved economic conditions starting to be seen on many fronts, the oversupply of properties will start to get absorbed. As the demand side of housing increases so will the property values.Investment strategyIn the beginning of the Buyers Market Phase II and prior to the rise in property values, the well informed Investor should accumulate as much in their portfolio as possible. Hold to rent strategies will allow you to reap the benefits of strong cash flow while riding comfortably through a market that will soon be in an upswing.Challenges in Reading the Market PhasesDespite the fact that there are some very specific characteristics associated with each market phase, as each phase progresses in time, there is not a specific event that will give obvious notice that we are at the end of the current phase and moving into the next one. In most cases, the transition of phase to phase will be based upon a number of different key economic indicators changing.It is also important to note that although there are four distinct market phases, each phase can have its own rate of change, amount of change and total duration. Therefore, unlike the mathematical Sine Wave that may have predictable expectations, Real Estate Investors are not so fortunate in trying to anticipate future market trends.It is not just about employment opportunitiesMigration trends although significantly affected by the promise of employment are also affected by other factors as well and are highlighted below:ClimateDemographic studies validate that people will continue to migrate to warmer weather. The southern states will see an influx of new residents coming from cooler areas.EducationQuality of education is a driving force that will affect migration patterns. Those towns and cities that can demonstrate high quality educational opportunities for adults as well as children will set the stage for a higher than national average population growth.LifestyleAnother factor that will affect migration patterns is the lifestyle the area can offer. Many people are seeking areas filled with cultural, entertainment, and leisure activities in order to help balance the high stress society we live in.Single-Industry RisksIn an ideal market expansion model, the economic growth that is occurring is coming from a number of different significant industries that are not reliate on the others. When there are larger employers in a community, smaller sub-contractors will also be established and the large employer may be the only or significant portion of sales to the smaller firms. When the larger company struggles, the smaller ones follow suit. Although there can be extraordinary economic growth when a major industry makes their home in a given geographic area, if changes occur within that industry such as the need for outsourcing or demand decline, it can cause catastrophic damage to the local community; this is very evident in areas like Detroit where the auto industry has virtually crippled the local economy. Another example is the struggle Youngstown Ohio experienced as they worked through a key industry shutting down. Youngstown’s economic foundation was built upon the significant employment from the steel industry; in fact, Youngstown was referred to as “Steel Town”. When the town factory closed in the 1970′s, it created devastating economic conditions.In order for a town to recover from the effects of an economic downturn, local government, community leaders, and the private business sectors must diligently work hand in hand to create a vision for future economic rebirth.The Side Effects of UnemploymentWhen unemployment reaches dangerous economic proportions, there is always collateral damage that will be seen and includes the following:o People will start to leave for the hope of employment elsewhere; in many cases people are forced to abandon their homes and the structural carcasses of the poor economic conditions are clearly evident as you look around the community.
o Tax rolls collected will be significantly reduced due to the exodus out of the area. In addition, there is a larger volume of unemployed people who have stayed behind who will not be able to pay their taxes. When tax collections are reduced, critical services and programs may also be cut or reduced.
o Crime and drug use will significantly increase.Proactive Economic RecoveryMost local governments have established a department or agency whose primary charter is to develop programs with the objective of stimulating the economic growth of the community.Examples of initiatives that will help stimulate the economy can include the following:- Improvements and expansion of roadways and railways making commuting and transportation more efficient- Tax incentives to builders, developers and employers to stay or come in to the area- Loans with better than market terms- Crime reduction programs- Homebuyers assistance programs- Revitalization initiatives of trouble areasMany of these initiatives have been documented in the communities “Master Plan”; it will be critical as a successful emerging market Investor to interpret the “writing on the wall” from these plans. Community Master Plans are usually available to the general public. Contact the local economic development organization or agency for further information on how to receive this valuable dataTypes of economic growthThe effects of economic stimulation and growth can geographically be seen a few different ways as follows:SporadicallyWith sporadic growth there is random geographic visual evidence that new development is occurring; new construction and rehabilitation is seen in various locations of a town. This type of growth makes it difficult to “read” the local sub-market trend because of the lack of concentrated improvement in a given area.Centered around a target area, hub or anchorGrowth concentrated around a hub or anchor is the typical economic growth model and is the catalyst of new construction and rehabilitation. Examples of hubs and anchors are as follows:1. Large universities
2. Hospitals
3. Industrial complexes
4. Malls and large national retail stores
5. Planned communities
6. Housing projectsIn many cases you will see a “Growth Radius” surrounding a hub or anchor. As the properties located around these “centers” are developed, the radius will continue to expand outward. Investing in these areas not yet started in the transformation process can yield outstanding financial benefits.Along a “path of progress”The third type of growth that can be seen is called the path of progress. This type of growth is typically associated with “Straight Line” development going in specific directions. Perhaps the most vivid example of this type of development can be seen “on the strip” in Las Vegas. Here developers understand the importance of positioning hotels and casinos to provide the best exposure to both car and foot traffic.Another example could be the development of retail and service stores along the path of a main road or highway, development of such stores “off the path” will be minimal.Sub-MarketsOn a national level, all major real estate markets are not created equal, some can be experiencing explosive growth while others are seeing a decline. The same holds true when you narrow the market region down to a local level; in any given city you may have areas that are expanding while other areas are not. These smaller markets contained within regional markets are referred to as Sub-Markets. These sub-markets can be below the radar screen of the national agencies and research companies; therefore, having local knowledge can be very helpful in identifying these growth opportunities.Keep in mind that even in the worst of economic times, there may be markets or sub-markets that are or soon to be hot!Fundamentals of an Emerging MarketAll experienced Investors know the benefits and peace of mind of owning a property with strong equity and cash flow; these characteristics will help set the stage for long term financial security. When you add market appreciation on top of the equity and cash flow benefits, it will supercharge your wealth building engine. This relationship can be illustrated by the following formula:Strong Cash Flow + Organic Equity + Market Appreciation = Wealth SuccessOne sure fire way to utilize the advantage of the wealth success formula shown above is to invest in Emerging Markets. Simply defined, an Emerging Market represents an area that has started or will start to see growth resulting from both private industry development and local government initiatives to attract business and industry. As primary jobs are created from these initiatives, it will cause a change in local demographic trends; people will now start to move there or may stop leaving. With the increase in primary jobs, the secondary job workforce will also be increasing. The secondary workforce will consist of service related businesses to support the primary workforce; examples of these services include the following:- Food service
- Retail stores
- Banking
- Health careThe secondary industries and workforce is vital in order for an area to be perceived as “family oriented”. This is important to younger families who are trying to establish roots in the community. For each primary job created, it is estimated that it will generate a need for 2-3 secondary jobs!With the increase of employees from both the primary and secondary work force, the need for quality housing will also increase. Explosive profits will be realized by those Investors who “saw it coming.”What makes investing in Emerging Markets challenging for the typical Investor is that unfortunately you will not necessarily see an ad in national newspapers or bill boards stating “Emerging Market coming here soon!” The successful Emerging Market Investor will need to implement comprehensive marketing and research strategies in order to identify and react to the next Emerging Market opportunity they would like to invest in.The following is an overview of the most common strategies you may want to consider in locating a hot or Emerging Market:Purchasing Demographic and Migration data from List Brokers. List Brokers are companies that provide lists based upon search criteria you provide them. The cost of these lists will depend on how many “hits” you want to purchase. Typically, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a small list and up to a few thousand for an extensive list. These lists can include a targeted market that will help you determine the viability of an investment area. Some of these targeted market examples are as follows:- Search by age group
- Income levels
- Educational levels
- People in foreclosure
- Out of area property owners
- Long-term property ownersReviewing the data provided by government and private businesses that create market research data. Reviewing national hard print or electronic newspapers like the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. For a listing of national and local newspapers, look at http://www.newslink.org- National Commercial Real Estate Brokers do have a good handle on market trends and can be a vital source of information to the Investors searching for hot markets; it is strongly recommended to have some of these Brokers on your Professional Team.Family and friends can be a great source of information for things that are happening in their backyard that have not hit the national level of news coverage and below the radar screen of most outside Investors.- Having a connection to various real estate investment organizations and clubs.- Property Management companies are a great source to get a pulse of the local investment trends. Visit http://www.irem.org for a listing of certified Property Management companies in your targeted investment area.
Running ads- Paying Birddog fees for leads to emerging or hot markets and properties.The Early Stages of an Emerging Market does give away some cluesDuring the early stages of an Emerging Market that is about to unfold is the ideal “Strike Time” for Investors to buy into the market. At this point in time, the market may be filled with excessive inventory and motivated sellers looking to do a deal. By focusing on some clues, you will be able to “See into the Future”. Some of the clues are as follows:- Having visibility in the local permitting activities. Remember, the permitting process can take years for major construction projects like highway development, office buildings and factories.- Environmental impact studies underway
Review of the areas “Master Plan” which will provide an insight on the future vision.- Publicized initiatives from Economic Development agencies trying to encourage industry and job growth.- Advertised Government grants or tax credits.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance companies are often regarded as organizations which make money out of the business of death. The significance of life insurance in the lives of innumerable people however cannot be understated. It can be a lifesaver for dependents and loved ones of a policy buyer. Death offers no second chance but life insurance can help to provide financial security to the survivors.Most individuals buy life insurance policies to secure the future of their dependents in case of their demise, whether premature, accidental, or due to sickness. Life insurance offers a certain guarantee of financial security for the dependents in the event of the policy buyer’s demise.The dependents of the policyholders are given this sum if the premiums have been given in time. However, in modern times life insurance can be used as an investment option, as a security for loans and for other requirements as well. A life insurance policy purchased discreetly with due caution can be modulated to attend to the various needs of a policyholder.Life insurance has become significant in a world where social security benefits, pension plans, and family savings become inadequate to answer the financial requirement of the entire family, cover health costs or to retain a certain life style, in case of the demise of the breadwinner.There are various insurance plans that offer policies to sick individuals who are unable to get insurance anywhere else, although the premiums are high. Insurance companies generally hesitate to insure individuals with high mortality risks. Smokers, diabetics or obese individuals are often insured with double or triple the premiums paid by non-smokers or non-diabetics.The major kinds of insurance policies are term life insurance and permanent life insurance. There are various variations within these. A term life insurance policy provides death insurance for a specified duration. The initial premiums are very low but get more expensive with each passing year, and in the long run they come to be more expensive. These are generally suitable for young people with short-term requirements like a house loan, a car loan, or educational funding.The beneficiary amount is given only in case of death of the policyholder in that specified period. The renewal of term policies or conversion to permanent is more expensive.There are no dividends or cash values gained through this policy, which is purely protection-oriented. Whole life insurance provides security. Initial premiums are substantially higher than the actual price of the insurance, but the premium is later on much lower than for term life insurance. The initial high premiums are used to level out the premium later, and applied to cover the entire life.Whole life insurance offers dividends and cash values on maturity. Endowment insurance is a variation of term insurance that can be used for purpose of saving, or getting additional income during retirement. Universal life insurance is an offshoot of whole life insurance where the buyer has the flexibility to choose the kind of premium.Variable life insurance is popular because the premium money is invested in various funds so that it has a potential to reap dividends. Variable universal life insurance accommodates the advantages of both the universal and variable life insurance. Single-purchase life insurance enables an individual to buy the policy at once. Survivorship life insurance is done jointly by two individuals.There are various kinds of other insurance plans with numerous variations offered by different companies. Apart from consulting experts in securing the best policy suiting your individual needs, one should weigh the options, consider the kind of coverage required or insurance needed, the ability to pay premiums, and the duration of the requirement.

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Short, Intermediate, And Longer – Term Impacts On Home Sales, When Rates Rise!

For many reasons, some, economic, while others, related to the pandemic – related, so – called, fatigue, etc, home prices, in most areas, have gone up, at, or, near, record amounts! Because of the prolonged period of artificially – created, low – interest rates, mortgage rates, have been at historic lows! Since, for most home buyers, using financing is essential to affording a purchase, when a low rate, causes cheap money, and, thus, the ability to afford more home – for – the – buck, prices usually rise! It permits qualified buyers to qualify for more money/ loan, because the ratio of monthly mortgage, to overall income, is artificially – reduced! How long will this trend continue, will it become the new – normal, will previous trends/ cycles return, and how will pricing be affected, in the immediate, intermediate, and longer – run, are, all factors, to consider! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some possibilities, to consider, and understand.

1. Short – term: Since, the Federal Reserve Bank, announced, they planned to raise rates, three times in 2022 (of course, this was before the potential implications, and ramifications, from the Omicron variant), many feel pressure, to act quickly, to take advantage of today’s low rates, before they go up! Three increases will probably translate to, at least, a 0.75% higher rate, which will translate, for most mortgages, to hundreds of extra dollars, per month. Some things to consider, and pay attention to, is, this rate of increased home prices, will, probably, not continue, especially, at such a large degree! How longer one, expects to keep a specific house, is, one issue, to consider, thoroughly, and wisely, before proceeding!

2. Intermediate – term: Although, many believe, to – know, the precise timing of any projected rate – hike, is uncertain! The Fed has changed, and/ or, altered its strategies and approaches, in the past, What the intermediate – term, may bring, including potential inflationary pressures, how long the economic conditions, and unknown factors, related to the pandemic, etc, will determine, largely, what this phase, may bring! In addition, the attitude, and perceptions of buyers, and their confidence, etc, largely impact this real estate market!

3. Longer – term: In the longer – run, will things, restore, to what we have seen, so often, in the past, which is, alternating cycles, between, Sellers, Buyers, and Neutral Markets? The possibilities, include: a continued large escalation; a more – gradual, but persistent – one; some leveling; and/ or, will we see, at least, in certain areas, some sort of falling prices, for a period.

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Affiliate Marketing Coach – Speed Up Your Affiliate Progress With A Coach

An affiliate marketing coach is someone who can help you lift the invisible ceiling which may be holding your affiliate business back. So much in business it is the limits of our thinking which stop us from achieving the things we set out to achieve.

In affiliate marketing this is very much the case. You don’t know what you don’t know! You may even be running down a rabbit hole in the complete wrong direction. I did this for years before finding an affiliate marketing coach who helped me.

Before this point I was trying to do everything alone. Many affiliates are doing the same but don’t realise their actions aren’t aligned with their desired outcomes. For me, I was focusing only on the things I liked to do, not the things which would drive my business forwards.

A clear perspective from a coach who isn’t so myopic in their thinking can change everything. If you keep doing what you’ve always done as an affiliate, your results will likely be the same. But if you’re prepared to step outside your comfort zone, you can make far greater changes in a small amount of time.

Much of affiliate marketing is about trial and error. You try several things and focus on the things which work. This is Pareto’s principle, or the 80:20 rule. But if you have no results to draw from, you could easily be focusing on strategies which will take years to gain any traction.

A few of the small shifts I made in my affiliate marketing endeavours are: shifting to promoting products which offer recurring commissions, I stopped promoting small value, low commission products, and I started using high ticket digital products instead.

These steps alone hugely helped me start generating tactics in my affiliate business. But I also got coaching and mentoring, and decided to take affiliate marketing more seriously. In the beginning, it was just a hobby, and I treated it like a hobby. But if you look at your affiliate business like a hobby, you’ll earn a hobby wage from it. Treat it more seriously, and focus on building a sustainable income which can replace existing work, and you can achieve much more. You get what you focus on!

Goals are useful signposts for affiliates too. For such a long time I was without a rudder as an affiliate. A goal gives you a specific destination you can measure and work towards. If you don’t have either a goal, or a strategy you can stick to with affiliate marketing, it’s easy to lose purpose and drift off in another direction.

When you’re looking for results and don’t have any, it can become completely demoralising! You need to stoke the fire of your own enthusiasm continually or you’re likely to become disillusioned and drop out. This happens to around 95% of affiliate marketers.

But you need to be in the 5% who stick at it and eventually break through and start making consistent sales. When this occurs will depend on the actions you take and how long you keep going for. If something isn’t working, try something else. Focus on the small wins like a hit on a website, or an email lead. Keep your enthusiasm high and you’ll be able to surmount the obstacles which come with the territory. But if you allow yourself to become dissatisfied, it’s much more difficult to keep going.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy. It’s performance related which means that if you don’t make a sale, you don’t make any money. This is tough in the beginning because you can do a lot of activity which is unrewarded. But once you make a sale, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. This is the goal of many new affiliate marketers – to make their first sale.

Once you have some positive feedback in terms of success, you can focus on the activities which brought it about. But until this happens, you very much need to trust the process. If you’re also paying a membership fee while this is happening, there can come a point where you decide it’s simply not working! This is common, and people drop out. But if you have a coach you can trust, things are so much more sustainable.

An affiliate marketing coach can help you overcome negativity, indecision, hesitancy and self belief issues. A coach can help you see things in a different light and to notice limitations in your thinking.

For me this has been a complete game changer, and not just for affiliate marketing. When you notice your own self talk is talking away your success and happiness, you realise you are the creator of your own outcomes. As you remember to change your self talk and thinking habits, you realise without belief there is no action. So belief is everything.

The person we listen to more than anyone else in life is ourselves. We talk to ourselves in our head constantly. Re reaffirm what we think and believe about ourselves continually. If we can learn to tap into this power, and start giving ourselves more positive commands, then we can grow both personally and professionally in a much more congruent way than simply through thinking, planning and attempting things in only the physical aspect of our affiliate business.

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7 Benefits of Custom Aluminum Cases

If you want to carry your expensive electronic items or any type of fragile instrument, we suggest that you be on the safe side. We suggest that you pack your expensive stuff in a reliable case. In other words, you may want to invest in a dependable custom aluminum case to carry your items with you. After all, you don’t want your stuff to get damaged during transportation. In this article, we are going to talk about some major benefits of custom aluminum cases. Read on to find out more.

1. Durability

First of all, one of the major advantages of these units is that they are extremely durable. In this case, we suggest that you go for a case that is splashproof, air-tight, and watertight. This is essential if you want the unit to stand the test of time. If it is not strong enough, your stuff inside may not be safe.

2. Withstand Extreme Conditions

Another major advantage of these units is that they are designed to withstand extreme conditions. Even if you use them on a daily basis, they will be good for years to come. In other words, you don’t need to worry about the durability aspect of these units.

3. Customizable

Some of these cases are designed to be customized. The idea is to make sure that you get a unit that you can customize to cover your requirements and needs. Since one size cannot fit everyone, we suggest that you get a customized aluminum case.

For example, you will need a specific type of case to store your tools. Similarly, there are specific aluminum cases if you want to carry delicate items. And the beauty of these things is that they are available in different sizes and shapes.

4. Custom Interior

If you want to protect your delicate items, we suggest that you get a case that comes with custom interiors. In this case, your delicate items will be safe even if the road condition is extremely bad.

5. Timeless Look

We suggest that you get an aluminum case that features a timeless look. After all, you don’t want to get a case that looks ugly or unappealing. So, if you are worried about the aesthetic aspect of these units, we suggest that you get a unit that seems appealing.

6. Corrosion-Resistant

With the passage of time, metal cases tend to face corrosion. Therefore, it is better to get an aluminum case as they are corrosion resistant.

7. Withstand Temperatures

The good thing about an aluminum case is that it can withstand extreme temperatures. Since aluminum features high thermal conductivity, this type of metal can easily transfer heat from your fragile items. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the effects of the elements when it comes to getting your expensive or fragile items from one place to another.

Long story short, these are just some of the benefits of customized aluminum cases. If you have never purchased one, we suggest that you get one today. The beauty of these units is they are much better than other types of metal out there. So, the next time you need to purchase one, you may consider one made from aluminum.

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How Cromacoin Functions to Enhance Businesses Productivity?

Instead for entire details relevant piece of information in this world of modernized technology Cromacoin usually operates on wide-spread public ledger known as Blockchain where entire confirmed transactions. Entire ways where users are aware of each transaction avoid stealing and spending the same currency within stipulated time. This process also supports Blockchain as it is trustworthy for an appropriate piece of content. Cromacoin is one of excellent digital currency which has been stepping up to correspond with better digital currencies exchanges.

Where to store your new ICO’s tokens after procure?

There are diversified applications which one should utilize while obtaining new ICO’s tokens some of the vital key elements are visualized below for better appearance:-

• Full Client Satisfaction- It is one of email server which is encountered without dependent upon third-party servers. It also controls whole transaction from start to an end.

• Trivial Clients- The mandatory vital piece of server surely rely upon customer’s satisfaction as everyone acquires access to the network for uppermost transactions.

• Web Clients- It is the opposite of full client resembling which totally dependent upon the third-party server and operate entire transactions instantly.
Where can you find Cromacoin?

In order to get evolved with this cryptocurrency digital exchanges one can firstly purchase Cromacoin from steps involved below:-

• Cryptocurrency Exchanges where one can exchange regular new ICO tokens.

• One can find a seller or just by SING UP process available for procedural module.

• After Signing up Cromacoin is precious for customers for better investment plans.

Input important credentials to obtain freeway service to your account by SIGN UP process.

• It is recommended to utilize a strong elongated password with a mixture of letters, alphabets and other special characters.

• One will be able to find information about the product in our whitepaper which proffers an extreme most reliable piece of information rapidly.

• Get a proper financial report as ICO’s can be started with crowdfunding.

• Companies utilizing ICO at an earlier stage for traditional businesses acquire whitepaper which is the most likely concern.

One needs explanations about Cromacoin just by examining the whitepaper in ICO’s.

• Get a ratio for cryptocurrency along with procedural modules in accordance to digital currency exchanges.

Where are your tokens? Know more from defined information evaluated

Firstly, it is important to bring tokens for your ICO which is associated with your tokens available as per needs and requirements. It can suffer bit of project keeping in mind a trustworthy project which one can send for Cromacoin analyzed. It is suggested to deposit your new ICO tokens where tokens actually bare and help for your new token repeatedly.

• Set up for a coin and participate in ICO to buy tokens.

• The need of wallet which supported tokens for purchase.

• Participate in ICO to buy tokens from Cromacoin.

• Send ETH for a token purchase and one will be tied to private key of wallet.

• Acquire few pieces of information to accomplish with Cromacoin.

• Send ETH address for ICO and proffer tokens constantly.

• Don’t ask for a deposit which wallet supports for a new token or one can access to your New ICO tokens on Blockchain with appropriate security enabled policies.

How to import ICO tokens into a supported wallet?

If one has contract address for token one can import tokens into wallet. Likewise, our wallet has the capability to hold numerous tokens keeping in mind entire terms accuracy, precise along with efficiency which play a vital role to enhance one’s business productivity. Our wallet is encompassed with unique wallet address which is thereby sent just by input for tokens.

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Why Business Owners Seek to Enter Foreign Markets

It is no longer news that business investors from around the world look at entering foreign markets in order to expand their local business operations or diversify their investments and establish new operations in the international market.

Every year, hundreds of entrepreneurial and growing companies consider international expansion as a marketing and growth strategy.

If you have been successful in your business for some time and you have already mastered everything about running a business, overseas expansion may just be the logical next move you have to make.

On the flip side, for a majority of others, just having an overseas registered company and business address makes more sense to them than moving over to these foreign countries to establish a brick-and-mortar office.

Whichever the case is, there are at least 7 reasons entrepreneurs incorporate an overseas company, subsidiary or a representative office.

1. EXPANSION. About 95% of the world’s consumer’s reside outside Nigeria. Entrepreneurs whose vision and target market is a global one would consider to enter new markets abroad thus increasing their company’s overall market share and growth potentials.

2. POSSIBLE UNTAPPED MARKET. The possibility of an untapped market in foreign jurisdictions may motivate a Nigerian entrepreneur to incorporate an overseas company, subsidiary or representative office of his/her local company. Nigerian entrepreneurs who produce and package local foodstuffs for sale abroad fall into this category.

3. PROXIMITY TO INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS. Truth be told, the Internet hs done enough to bring businesses closer to buyers. However, for some reasons, several business transactions may still warrant a traditional business presence in the city or country of operation. An overseas office of a local company need not be that big, and may be a home business address, a paid virtual office, or a small/liaison office just for the sake of getting customer feedback and linking back to the Nigerian office.

4. CORPORATE IMAGE. In order to boost their corporate image in the eyes of customers, suppliers, investors and businesses, some entrepreneurs just register an overseas subsidiary of their Nigerian company. This gives their target audience an impression that they are a company with international networks. In situations like this, the “international entrepreneur” need not set up a brick-and-mortar office abroad, he/she only pays for a virtual registered office in such country plus a mailing and telephone forwarding service.

5. COMPETITION. The fact that competing businesses or brands are entering the overseas market and are doing well motivates entrepreneurs in similar businesses to follow suit.

6. INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT. There are quite a number of international banking options available to companies registered in overseas jurisdictions – whether you are currently established in the overseas country or operating the overseas company from Nigeria. Having a corporate checking account abroad makes international payment much more easier by direct deposits, cheque or international wire transfers.

7. MIGRATION. Entrepreneurs considering a migration or move to an overseas country may incorporate a company in the destination country pending the time of their travel.

The United Kingdom, for instance, grants an Entrepreneur Visa to persons outside the European Union to gain entry to the UK for business reasons.

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Don’t Fall Prey to Victim Mentality

Attitude is everything. Mental attitude, no matter what the end goal is, either helps you get there or impedes your progress and one of the most damaging attitudes anyone can adopt is victim-mentality.

What is victim-mentality?

Victim mentality is a negative mindset. It places blame on other people and circumstances for any unhappiness felt within.” It is the proverbial “point the finger out” scenario.

Those engaged in victim-mentality, view life through a narrow lens of pessimistic perceptions, believing whatever occurs in life is the result of outside causes. Inner reflection is never considered. Being a victim means absolving themselves of blame. Nothing is their fault – ever! Those engaged in victim mentality most often enjoy the attention, sympathy and validation they get from playing this “poor me” role.

When trapped in victim-hood, the focus becomes how vulnerable we are, rather than on how powerful we are.

While, no one is born with victim mentality, no one is exempt from playing the victim role either. Sweet elder grandparents, loving, well-intentioned mothers and fathers, teenagers and even those considered “spiritually awakened” can all be found to dwell in this defeatist realm.

In fact, every person alive has played the victim role more than once in their lives.

Victims want to be mentally prepared for the worst and sadly, for those dwelling in victim-hood, this self-sabotaging behavior becomes more powerful when things seem to be going their way as they are sure “disaster is waiting around the next corner.”

So, how does one break free from this self-defeating, “poor me,” pessimistic type programming, most of which was developed and adopted as a child?

It all begins at home with your perceptions/how your view yourself. Do you perceive yourself as a survivor or a victim?

Survivors embrace life and flow with it. They live in the present and take control over their lives. They are fully aware that they alone are responsible for what occurs. They know that taking responsibility for their lives, they are empowered to change their lives.

Victims, on the other hand, wallow in self-pity and argue with and push back at life. They dwell in the past, believing they are helpless to change circumstances – their key to avoiding responsibility. They live defensively and stay frozen in time, without making progress because their perceptions tell them they are powerless.

The cost of victim mentality is high. It negatively affects every area of life – professional and personal. Those who see themselves as a failure, are dwelling in victim-hood because failure only comes to those who give up.

If we really want to shift out of victim mentality, we must first own it. We can’t change what we don’t own. We must shift our attitude and know that “change begins with me.” We must embrace survival and take actions steps… no matter how small or insignificant they may seem now, towards some goal we are looking to attain.

Most importantly, we must continually empower ourselves with “I can” and “I will” statements and put a stop to degrading “I can’t” or “I won’t” statements and beliefs.

And, we must embrace gratitude – the greatest of attitudes. Daily, we need to take time to reflect on all the things that make us happy, on all the things that are going well in our life. Keeping our mind/energy focused on positive situations helps to counteract victim mentality.

In the end, we must honor ourselves with the same degree of respect and love that we try to give others. Only then will our minds and actions shift out of victim-hood to survival mode.

Truth is, we can’t control other’s actions or every circumstance that shows up in our lives, but we can control how we react to them. We don’t have to be victims. It is a choice. Whatever happens or comes our way, we must view it as a challenge and not an excuse.

Looking for a powerful partner to help erase the negative victim tapes that play over and over in your head? Look no further than your local gym. Getting your blood flowing and your “happy, feel-good” hormones kicked in through challenging exercise is one of the best ways to overcome negativity, defeat victim mentality and put yourself on the fast track to feeling healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.

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7 Benefits Of Drinking Purified Water

Everyone has a right to access pure water. As a matter of fact, it is one of the fundamental human rights. Today, many countries of the world do not have access to pure drinking water. The good news is that you can solve this problem at a personal level. After all, you can make sure that your tap water is safe for your health. Therefore, it is essential that you look for purification. In this article, we are going to shed some light on the benefits of drinking purified water. Read on to find out more.

1. Human Body is 80% Water

Water makes 80% of the human body. Therefore, it is essential for your health and overall well-being. Besides, these purifiers ensure that you always drink purified water. As a matter of fact, these devices are your friend and protect your life and the life of your family.

2. A Good Alternative to Bottled Water

Bottled water is not good for the environment as millions of plastic bottles end up in landfills. Apart from this, the transportation of these bottles causes the generation of carbon emissions.

So, if you have a purifier in your home, you don’t need to buy bottled units. In this way, you can protect the environment.

3. Protection against Damage

Aluminum is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. According to research studies, if aluminum makes its way into your brain, it will be extremely difficult to get it out. Therefore, it is essential that you protect your brain from damage caused by aluminum.

4. Saving Money

How often do you purchase bottled water for you or your family members? Of course, all of us purchase these bottles on a daily basis. So, if you want to avoid this approach, we suggest that you install an effective purification system. After all, you don’t want to end up wasting your hard-earned money on something that you can get at your home.

5. Avoiding Chlorine Consumption

If you are using city water, know that municipal treatment plants use chlorine to eliminate harmful organisms, such as bacteria. Besides, chlorine is an element that may cause different types of cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory.

6. Protection against harmful elements

Your tap water passes through long pipelines that are full of different types of elements, such as slime. Therefore, the quality of water drops significantly. Therefore, it is essential to install purifiers to purify tap water and stay protected against harmful elements.

7. Instant Access to Pure Water

If you install a good purifier, you have instant access to freshwater. Filtered liquid is free of all types of germs and bacteria. You can use plenty of liquid for drinking and washing your fruits and vegetables. Also, these devices will allow you to use your water for several purposes.

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